All One

Tae Yun Kim

Your true self feels whole and complete whether or not you are alone. The true meaning of alone is all-one.  When you are one with your true self, one with your own Silent Master consciousness, you are one with the universe, one with all that is.  When you feel your true Self, you feel at rest in the wholeness of things, but you also know you are original and unique.  Although you feel yourself as a separate, special individuality, you do not feel empty and unfulfilled.  You feel true, and pure, and good and whole.  Most importantly, you feel enthusiastic, creative and joyful.  This is the natural state of your true being.

Tae Yun Kim

When you are really ready to find this aspect of your being and realize the fullness of your potential, you will begin the process of self-discovery.  I honor you.  I respect you.  This is why I’m sharing with you the teachings of Jung SuWon.  Although you and I can begin this journey together, it’s still going to be your journey.  I can share with you my experiences, my teachings, my hopes and expectations of your successful outcome, but it remains at all times your journey, your commitment, your perseverance, your goal – and your prize!

Tae Yun Kim


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