What is Self Discipline?

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:
Whether the fierce wind was a bad force or a good force – an obstacle or a help – was up to the bird. He made the choice. Since he chose not to regard the wind as an undefeatable obstacle, Love, as it always will, empowered him to transform the situation. When the bird was lifted above the storm, he experienced the results of his own disciplined thinking, attitude, and expectations. If he had responded to his first set of thoughts, feelings and expectations, he would have dropped to the ground and never met his true love at the end of the journey.

Just as storms appear in nature and temporarily cover the sun, emotional storms will appear in your life and temporarily cover your Love. So how do you discover the Love behind your storms and obstacles? Through self discipline.

Self discipline is the way you respond to obstacles and challenges. Self discipline means making good choices, so that you don’t stray from your goals when the going gets tough.

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