Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Quotes Inspire Me

 Here is an excerpt from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s book, The Silent Master:

One of my students weighed around 300 pounds when she enrolled in my Jung SuWon classes. When it came to time to do one of the exercises a simple tumbling move, forward rolls on a mat she quite naturally answered the question “Why Not Me?” with “Because I’m too fat!” To her surprise, she did it! What happened? She responded to the atmosphere of encouragement and accomplishment, and joined with others “who were creating success. And this victory gave her confidence to go on and create more victories. As you might expect, she’s not 300 pounds any more.

Being ready for change ready for Self Discovery often means putting yourself in an environment that supports you. In this way, you are motivated by your environment instead of obstructed by it.


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