Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Quotes Inspire Me

 Here is an excerpt from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s book, Seven Steps to Inner Power.  Near the end of her book, Dr. Kim shares her experiences and methods about meditation. 

Dr. Tae Yun Kim Quotes

Meditation is about being focused – body and mind all in the same moment & place


“Whether the meditation is informal or formal, there are always two steps. The first is to affirm to yourself that you and your Silent Master are One and to know and expect that the necessary information (or serenity, or clarity, or cleansing, or whatever) will manifest. Remember your Silent Master Consciousness operates over and above both your conscious and subconscious mind; therefore, whatever your need, or whatever your purpose for the meditation, your Silent Master can effectively penetrate your conscious or subconscious mind, if necessary, to answer appropriately.”


Dr. Tae Yun Kim Quotes

Allow your mind to be still and clear

  Seven Steps to Inner Power

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